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The Restoration Team

You'll read elsewhere on the site about the fantastic help and support that we receive from companies and individuals with donations of goods & services, as well as the financial donations we receive. We also have a popular Supporters Group whose members pay a small annual subscription in return for newsletters. The Supporters Group also attend a number of airshows throughout the year to raise funds and awareness of the project.

There is however a group of individuals without whom the restoration would not be taking place at all and that is the restoration team. The Engineers and Volunteers have worked tirelessly over a number of years giving both their time and expertese, as well as securing important assets for the restoration through their friends and contacts.

Many of the team are Royal Air Force or retired Royal Air Force and many have active duty Lightning experience.

The rest of the team are variously skilled engineers and work under the management and guidance of the department heads.

The AALO team, current and past are as follows;

Project Founder - Andrew Brodie - World renown classic car restorer

Chief Engineer - Phil Wallis - Rtd. Royal Air Force (RAF) Engineer with over 30yrs concurrent Lightning experience. Current Serco Defence, Science & Technology

Ejection Seat Specialist - Max Waldron - Rtd RAF. Current BAE Systems

US A&P FAA Certified Inspector- Jon Roth - Current CEO, Vintage Aircraft Restoration Co.

US Project Consultant Manager - Bob Simms - Rtd Lockheed Martin US

Consultant Pilot - Craig Penrice - Current BAE Systems

Airframe Systems Team

Dave Tylee - Current Virgin Airways

Milton Roach - Mechanical Systems Specialist

Ken Walker - Rtd RAF, Current Quinetc ETPS Rotary Wing

Dave Cruddas - Active duty RAF

Dave Henry - Rtd RAF, Current BAe Systems

Paul Oughton - Rtd RAF. Current BAE Systems

Propulsion Systems Team

Lead; Dave Yates - Rtd RAF, Air Systems Specialist

Andrew 'Scoobie' Dobbie

Jason Skinner - Active duty RAF, Rolls Royce Avon Series Engine Specialist

Geoff Commins - Rtd RAF & ex BAE Systems

Avionic and Electrical Systems Team

Andy Middleton - Current Serco Defence, Science & Technology, 39 Sqdn

Gary Hurst - Active duty RAF

Bo Brocklesby - Active duty RAF

John Sherry - Active duty RAF

Simon Johnson - Rtd RAF

Rod Barker - ex BAE Systems & Met Office Scientist

Dave Dunn - Active Duty RAF & BAE Systems

John Watson - Electronics Specialist

Nick Woodhouse - Electronics Specialist

Additional restoration participants

Dave and Lesley Blisset

Ray Whitely

Les Overton

Roger Winkworth

Becky Skinner

Eileen Henry

Irene Commins

AALO Supporters Group, Past and present

Nic Holman - President

Charles Scott - Memberships

Phil Kingsbury – Merchandise

Clive Richardson

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