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How to become an partner in XS422's restoration

You may decide that a small donation or a Supporters' Group membership is not for you. Similarly you may feel that a donations of goods or services is not appropriate. Hopefully this is because you'd like to become a bigger player in the restoration of XS422 and speak to us about our partnership oportunities.

There's no hard and fast price list here and while we have calculated the costs to first flight and a price for outright ownership of the project (with caveats) we are very happy to discuss a level of involvement that suits you.

Should you wish to become a partner you will be signing up to both a wonderful and a unique project. 340 Lightnings were originally built and with the closure of Thunder City in South Africa and the future of their 3 Lightnings uncertain XS422 is currently on course to be the only flying example left in the world. As a twin seat trainer there is an obvious discussion point around second seat rides for significant partners.

If a partnership interests you then please email either Charles Scott, our Partner Relation Executive, or our project champion, Andrew Brodie
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